Friday, March 28, 2014

Get Rid Of Your Love Handles - Lateral Resistor 2 - 40 lb Resistance

With the right diet and proper resistance training you could see results within your first week of a circuit training regiment. Resistance training has exploded onto the scene within the fitness world for 2 reasons, cost effectiveness and results. Training with resistance cable exercise equipment is a safe and affordable alternative compared to bulky exercise equipment that can be found in a gym. Resistance training cables can be used at home or in a gym, but one thing is for sure you won't have to dedicate an entire room to storing away resistance training cables.  Not to mention loading up your credit card with hundreds of dollars worth of one-dimensional training machines!

The Lateral Resistor 2 is your "Pro Grade" solution to gain speed, power, and agility.  Train to maximize muscle strength and endurance, as well as balance and coordination.  The Lateral Resistor 2 has a 3-in-1 cable pocket that can hold up to 3 - 9" resistance cables.  Easily strap the cuffs of the Lateral Resistor 2 to your ankles and you're ready to go.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Lifeline USA Body Shaper - Ultimate Functional Trainer

The Body Shaper allows you to replicate everyday tasks and almost any sports related movement because of its "hands free" feature. By attaching this product to a closed door, wall mount, fence or weight machine with the included attachments you achieve the "Stability", while the wrist/ankle attachments and the unique design of the Body Shaper provide the "Mobility".

Find out how the Body Shaper by Lifeline USA can help you reach your fitness goals without having to pay for expensive gym memberships by visiting  For more information on the Lifeline USA Body Shaper, Click Here.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Lunge Resistor CT

This Resistance Cable System will allow you to safely and effectively move through numerous lower body leg exercises and upper body workouts. The Lunge Resistor CT is a great product for adding resistance to lunges, kicks, take down defense training drills and so much more. And since the Orbiter XT Door Mounting System comes included you will be able to mount your cables on just about anything including fences, poles, trees, etc.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Gym Workout Packages

Our home fitness systems are great for anyone looking to get quality excercise in the comfort of your own home. Save time and money by avoiding costly, crowded gyms! We offer a wide selection of different workout systems from LifelineUSA, makers of the Jungle Gym XT and their patented resistance cable workout systems. From building core muscle and upper body strength on the Jungle Gym suspension trainer to working on body form and control with the Train Station resistance trainer, there is something for everyone looking to get in shape and stay healthy! Plus, most of these systems are lightweight, compact and portable, letting you store them out of sight when not in use and take them on the road with you when you are travelling!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LifelineUSA Power Walk Pro

Get in shape with the PowRWalk Pro from Lifeline USA! Walking is a great, natural excercise that works out many seperate muscle groups at once, as well as getting your heart rate up. Get the most out of your walk by supercharging it's intensity with the Power Walk Pro! Great for aerobic and cardio workouts, it's better than jogging beccause of walking's low impact nature. Take this handy workout tool on your next power walk and feel the results!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Complete Resistance Training Cable Kit

Resistance Training Cables are the fastest growing trend in fitness today!  The reason for this is simply because of how safe, effective and economical they are for burning calories and building muscle.  Gym memberships and bulky workout machines are expensive!  We don't just offer you the tools to get into shape, we even show you what types of exercises you can achieve with our equipment.  I invite you to take 5 minutes out of your day in order to gain the know-how and the tools to get the job done by visiting our site.  This training kit will literally add hundreds of fitness exercises that will get your heart pumping in a great calorie burning workout!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Power Push Up

This innovative workout system from LifelineUSA will help you supercharge your upper body exercises! Utilizing LifelineUSA's patented progressive layering technology, the resistance cables give you consistent and safe feedback throuought thier entire range. The back pad keeps the cables anchored comfortably in place, while the soft grip handles ensure that you have full control of the entire range of your push up.

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